The Patented opoc™ Engine
The patented opoc™ engine is a state-of-the-art internal combustion engine that can be made to run on a number of fuels. It operates on the two-cycle principle generating one power stroke per each crank revolution per cylinder. The opoc™ configuration is comprised of two cylinders per module. Each cylinder has two pistons moving in opposite directions. The crankshaft is between the two cylinders. The novel configuration of this design eliminates the conventional cylinder head and valve train components offering an efficient, compact and simple core engine structure.

Highlights of the Features vs. Conventional Engines of the Same Power

Smaller volume for same power Low noise/vibration
Less weight for same power Low manufacturing costs
Fewer parts count Low maintenance costs
Low emission-controlled diesel, efficient fuel consumption Conventional materials/processes

13.5hp opoc™ – Intelligent Simplicity

Due to the unique fully balanced design of each engine module and operational independence between modules, the engine can be configured with modules added in different combinations in order to meet varied performance demands. By doing so, an engine family can be configured to cover wide range of power output. With the modular design feature, a variable displacement engine can be configured with a clutch between the modules. This offers significant fuel savings, optimized engine map performance and reduced emissions for real world applications.